Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Now and Then"

So....I realize that I am probably one of the worst bloggers in the world, but too my defense I am not really sure how people find the time to update. I mean it takes me forever to download pictures on this thing. Some of my friends make me look kinda bad with all of the updating (Jessica & Danielle) but then there are others, like my wonderful sister-in-law that are just as bad as updating as I am. Well enough of the excuses, I have a lot of updating and pics to tell you about. First off, we have been doing great. Just staying busy! I'm not really sure what we have been doing but we haven't stopped. Sadie is as big as ever. She is wonderful and definitely a "LITTLE LUKE"!!! As you will be able to tell in the pics, she loves,loves,loves the camera and she will smile so big that you can't see her eyes. I have to tell her all the time to just look at the camera and don't smile. She loves to dance, ELMO, babies, and high heels! Without those things, I would be in trouble. The dancing is at a whole new level. Now she doesn't want to dance unless being video taped. I have a lot on tape and if I ever figure it out I will post some of her awesome dance moves. I mean I am not sure where she picks the moves up from but she is now slapping her booty without being told. She is the life of the party! Let's see...Sadie is and has been "OFFICIALLY POTTY TRAINED" since September. It was a lot easier than I ever thought. I just took her diaper off on a Monday, stayed home for 2 days, and set the timer for every 20 minutes. It was exhausting, but in the end she got it with no problem! I made a potty chest with goodies in it so that was a huge incentive. Even when we go on trips to SC, she tells us and we pull over. I have to admit I am officially a huge mom now. I have a potty in the back of my car so whenever she needs to go I stop and she goes. Plus, she is scared of public bathrooms which is totally fine with me. Here are some pics from October until today! Hope everyone is doing well. I will try to update as soon as Christmas is over. Merry Christmas!!!!

Feeding the Giraffe at the Zoo in SC

Loving the bike

A little weird I know but we were at the fair!!

Cousin Ava and Sadie at Hudson's first Birthday!
The Birthday boy was not to thrilled!

At the ELMO show!!
Sadie loving Leroy! (she is a little bossy to him)

Sadie and Ella posing for the camera!

Monday, July 19, 2010


I know it's been a while since the last post! We have had a wonderful and very busy summer! Sadie is gets funnier by the day. I could sit here all day and tell you all of the funny stuff she does, but I won't do that to you. She loves to dress-up with high heels, bracelets and a purse. Once she dressed up, she will prance around with her hands on her hips giving us her model walk. She is Chatty Kathy. I mean the child will not be quiet for one second. Her favorite new saying is "Look Momma" and you better look and respond or she will keep on and on and on... Once your looking, she does a quick dance or funny face anything to make you laugh. We also have a little singer on our hands. She will sing anything and it is funny because she doesn't know all the words! She has no fear of the water. Diving boards or slides it doesn't matter and you better not help her in the water. We got to go to South Carolina over the Fourth of July and visit with family. We spent half our time at the lake, and Sadie and I stayed for a few more days later than Luke in Columbia. All in all it has been a great summer, and I can't wait to see what the rest of it has in store for us.Enjoying the Riverbanks Zoo

Cooper and Sadie

All of the kids enjoying ice cream cones at the lake

Our sweet nephew Hudson

Papa and all the grandkids
Cooper's finest!
Passed out after our family reunion

Sarah, Luke and Katie

Katie and Joel with Sadie and Hudson
Katie and Hudson
My child still likes the pole!

Grandma and Sadie

Kevin and Sadie
Future pianist!

Max, Ella, and Sadie at Gulf Shores Zoo
Wearing mommy's shoes
Kick off party at the Library
Chillin at Nana and Poppy's house
P.C. beach
Loving the fountain