Saturday, April 26, 2008

Just Us!

While Ashley's mom was in town, we decided to take advantage of it. So we went to dinner without the little one.


The Traynums said...

I love you Sadie...I miss you but know I will see you soon!

Danielle said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! I am so glad you finally got this set up so I can keep up with you. We have been awful at posting, hopefully you guys will be better.

Chris, Anna & Ava said...

I love little Sadie!!!! Our internet has been down, so, this is my first look at your "sweet bundle of love"!!!! She is ADORABLE!!! I can't get over your precious family!!!! We are so excited for the Flenikens!!!! Good for you for having a night out! Can't wait to see more cute pictures!!!! Love from the cousins!!!

Jess & Josh said...

Put up some new pics of the happy family for those of us who aren't lucky enough to live nearby! I love you!

Mark & Christine Nordstrom said...

I'm Joel's Mom in Germany. I was told about your blog from Katie in order to view some pics of your baby Sadie.

She's a cutie! So nice you could make the trip to SC and get pics of Sarah's baby, Conner with yours.

I just missed meeting you two. I had to leave from SC about 2 days before you came in June.

Next -time. Blessings on your new addition,
Love, Mrs. Nordstrom